China Trade

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China Trade

Post by the_cynic » Tue Nov 03, 2020 1:29 pm

China is neither ally, friend nor trading partner. It is an ideological and political enemy that we have helped build for too long who is determined to impose its own system of government upon the Australian democracy using any and all means necessary.

That enemy is happy to play games with our industries, to undermine and destroy our democracy, to buy and manipulate our politics, to bully and coerce our citizens, to lie about and spread its pandemics, to steal our PPE as we fall ill, to abuse our institutions with propaganda and to daily insult every Australian.

Let’s not beat around the bush any longer. It’s time to impose an export counter-tariff on iron ore. Pick any number you like but it should be above 50%. The proceeds can be channeled directly into a defense build-out targeting China and tax cuts for non-China exporters.

As well, it’s time to put Australian business on a war footing. Nobody who trades with China should expect it to continue. Explicit warnings are necessary.

None of this is fatal to our prosperity. We were fine before China and will be fine after it. China is utterly reliant upon our iron ore and all other commodities will go elsewhere over time as we fill the supply holes created by China shifting its demand. It’ll require an adjustment that we can handle without too much disruption. It is we that hold the whip hand not commodity-short China.

No self-respecting nation can cop this kind of crap. The Australian people are completely jack of the CCP and it’s time to put their will into action:

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